Shawbrook simplifies BTL range and launches online application form

The specialist lender revises BTL range down to just 3 products.


Following on from the refresh that took place late in 2019, we have taken further steps to improve our BTL range and streamline the application process for our brokers and customers. The previous refresh simplified our BTL range from 10 to 7, but this now stands at a total of three simple products; Single BTL, Complex BTL and Large HMO.

Single BTL is designed with property investors looking to borrow under £750k in mind, whilst those looking to borrow more, or for portfolios and small HMOs, will fit into the Complex BTL product. The final product, Large HMO, will target those looking to purchase or refinance a HMO with 7 or more occupants.

Interest rates have been adjusted accordingly to the new products, which now start from just 3.25%.

Alongside this announcement, we have also launched a brand new buy-to-let online application form. This is now available for all BTL and HMO applications that have received an Indicative Mortgage Offer and looks to help the application process be as quick and effortless as possible.

The online form will pull information that has already been provided by the broker during the initial stages, so you will not have to needlessly re-key this data when completing this. With constant interruptions being commonplace in the busy day-to-day of a typical broker, an autosave feature has also been built in so the user can come back at a later stage without any progress being lost. Once completed, the broker will receive a PDF copy of the application for their records making for a much improved experience.