Shawbrook streamlines application process for large loan applications


As part of our ongoing commitment to challenge the way we do things and improve the experience for you and your customers, we have reviewed and streamlined the application process for term loans between £750k and £2.5m, allowing us to reduce flight times on Indicative Mortgage Offers (IMO’s).

The process is simple…

  1. All we need is a completed application form!
  2. It’s important that the form is fully complete and all information provided is correct, as any incomplete applications will be returned.
  3. It’s then over to our expert teams who will follow our new processing approach which, in essence, is a scaling back of the number of steps required to reach IMO allowing a faster decision for you and your client.

Please note that all loan applications up to £750k should continue to be submitted via Broker Hub using E-AIP


The Following Transaction Types do NOT Qualify

Ineligibility Description


Asset Class Exception

Enquiry declined – new case to be loaded and manually Assessed

Guideline (Credit) Exception


Full Manual Underwrite Required – No SLA

Exposure > £2.5m

Requests for a full underwrite

Trading Business


If you have any queries regarding E-AIP or the application process, you can contact your Regional Development Manager or our experienced Sales Desk Team.