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Second Charge Mortgages

Second charge funding can often be a better solution than a potentially costly re-mortgage, allowing your clients to free up equity in their home for a wide variety of purposes while leaving their existing mortgage in place.

A great solution for your clients if they find themselves in circumstances where;

  • First charge mortgage is subject to ERCs
  • First charge mortgage is on a competitive rate that would be lost if they re-mortgaged
  • Want to borrow more than £25k so unavailable on a personal loan

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Best Second Mortgage Lender - What Mortgage Awards 2021
Best Second Charge Mortgage Lender - Your Mortgage Awards 2021

Second Charge Mortgages

Loans from £5k - £500k

Large Loan Limited Edition

Lender fee £595
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*Loan amount

LTV 75%
Fixed 5yr 4.55%
LTV Fixed 5yr
75% 4.55%

*Loan amount



Lender fee £395
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*Loan amount

LTV 65%
Variable 4.20%
Fixed 2yr 4.40%
Fixed 5yr 4.55%
LTV 70%
Variable 4.35%
Fixed 2yr 4.55%
Fixed 5yr 4.70%
LTV 75%
Variable 4.60%
Fixed 2yr 5.05%
Fixed 5yr 5.10%
LTV 80%
Variable 5.45%
Fixed 2yr 5.80%
Fixed 5yr 5.85%
LTV 85%
Variable 6.00%
Fixed 2yr 6.25%
Fixed 5yr 6.30%
LTV Variable Fixed 2yr Fixed 5yr
65% 4.20% 4.40% 4.55%
70% 4.35% 4.55% 4.70%
75% 4.60% 5.05% 5.10%
80% 5.45% 5.80% 5.85%
85% 6.00% 6.25% 6.30%

*Loan amount


Second Charge Lending Criteria

We pride ourselves in being transparent with our criteria so you know where you stand when submitting a case to use.

You can explore our second charge lending criteria or download as a PDF document.

If your client does not meet all conditions, applications may still be considered.

Download Second Charge Lending Criteria

Criteria at a glance…

Maximum age
85 at the end of the loan term
Minimum time in property
3 months and must be owner occupied
Minimum income
There is no minimum income threshold
Minimum property value

What can a second charge mortgage be used for?

For building memories, not just extensions. Often thought to be just for debt consolidation and home improvements, there are actually many uses for this type of finance. 


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