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Buy-to-Let mortgages

Buy-to-Let products that are simple to understand, specialist in nature and enhanced by technology.

We can provide more opportunities for you to build your business by ensuring clients have winning outcomes and a sustainable future.

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Buy-to-Let, HMO and Portfolios

Term loans from £40k - £25m

Arrangement fee varies depending on loan size

Over £1m

Arrangement fee 2.00%
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*Shawbrook Base Rate.

LTV 65%
Variable* 4.14%
Fixed 3yr 4.19%
Fixed 5yr 4.24%
LTV 75%
Variable* 4.24%
Fixed 3yr 4.29%
Fixed 5yr 4.34%
LTV Variable* Fixed 3yr Fixed 5yr
65% 4.14% 4.19% 4.24%
75% 4.24% 4.29% 4.34%

*Shawbrook Base Rate.


£150,001 to £1m

Arrangement fee 1.50%
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*Shawbrook Base Rate

LTV 65%
Variable* 4.34%
Fixed 3yr 4.39%
Fixed 5yr 4.44%
LTV 75%
Variable* 4.44%
Fixed 3yr 4.49%
Fixed 5yr 4.54%
LTV Variable* Fixed 3yr Fixed 5yr
65% 4.34% 4.39% 4.44%
75% 4.44% 4.49% 4.54%

*Shawbrook Base Rate


Up to £150k

Arrangement fee 1.50%
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*Shawbrook Base Rate

LTV 65%
Variable* 4.74%
Fixed 3yr 4.79%
Fixed 5yr 4.84%
LTV 75%
Variable* 4.84%
Fixed 3yr 4.89%
Fixed 5yr 4.94%
LTV Variable* Fixed 3yr Fixed 5yr
65% 4.74% 4.79% 4.84%
75% 4.84% 4.89% 4.94%

*Shawbrook Base Rate


Buy-to-Let Lending Criteria

We pride ourselves in being transparent with our criteria so you know where you stand when submitting a case to us.

Please download our Lending Criteria guide for full details.

If your client does not meet all conditions, applications may still be considered.

Criteria at a glance…

Customer type
Individuals (including foreign nationals residing in the UK), Expats, LLPs, Limited Companies, PLCs, Trusts, SIPPS First time landlords subject to additional criteria
Residential flats above or close to commercial premises?
Acceptable up to 75% LTV subject to sales demand being achievable within 12 months.
Portfolio landlord
We will require a Portfolio Schedule to review gearing and affordability. Business Bank Statements to review rental streams and cashflow, plus Asset and Liability Form to understand outside financial position may be required if automated data is not available.

The future of Buy-to-Let

Our new tech platform enabled us to deliver an instant Indicative Mortgage Offer, followed by a Formal Mortgage Offer in 48 hours and a completion just 7 working days later.

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MyShawbrook Portal

The digital platform that takes the pain out of the product switch process.

Our Broker Flow Process Guide walks through the steps of this new, simple product switch portal.

We’re in it for the long haul.

We believe in the value of long-term relationships. That’s why we offer existing customers a 0.25% discount on the arrangement fee for anyone with an existing Shawbrook product applying for a new loan.


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