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Commercial Investment rates from 4.79%

New Buy-to-Let Portfolio product: 5 year fixed at 4.09%

MyShawbrook Buy-to-Let – Instant IMOs with AVMs

Buy-to-Let mortgages

The future of specialist lending is here - MyShawbrook Buy-to-Let.

Using advanced decisioning techniques and sophisticated insights, our innovative new portal provides a quicker, slicker and more intuitive application journey, with:

  • Instant Indicative Mortgage Offers (IMOs)
  • Automatic property valuations (AVMs) available at the IMO stage, where eligible
  • Integration with third parties including Companies House and Hometrack
  • More consistent and reliable credit decisions
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Faster mortgage offers with MyShawbrook Buy-to-Let
Buy-to-Let Lender of the Year - NACFB Awards 2021
Specialist Lender of the Year - NACFB Awards 2021

Buy-to-Let Products

Term loans from £40k - £25m

Arrangement fee 1.50%
Applicable to all products listed


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*Key criteria

LTV 75%
Fixed 5yr 3.69%
LTV Fixed 5yr
75% 3.69%

*Key criteria



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*Key criteria

LTV 75%
Fixed 5yr 4.09%
LTV Fixed 5yr
75% 4.09%

*Key criteria



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*Shawbrook Base Rate

LTV 65%
Variable* 4.14%
Fixed 3yr 4.19%
Fixed 5yr 4.24%
LTV 75%
Variable* 4.24%
Fixed 3yr 4.29%
Fixed 5yr 4.34%
LTV Variable* Fixed 3yr Fixed 5yr
65% 4.14% 4.19% 4.24%
75% 4.24% 4.29% 4.34%

*Shawbrook Base Rate


Buy-to-Let Lending Criteria

We pride ourselves on being transparent with our lending criteria, so you know where you stand when submitting a case to us.

If your client does not meet all conditions, applications may still be considered.

You can explore our new, fully interactive Buy-to-Let lending criteria or download as a PDF.

Download Buy-to-Let Lending Criteria

Criteria at a glance…

Customer type
Individuals (including foreign nationals residing in the UK), Expats, LLPs, Limited Companies, PLCs, Trusts, SIPPS, first time landlords subject to additional criteria.
Residential flats above or close to commercial premises?
Acceptable up to 75% LTV subject to sales demand being achievable within 12 months.
Automated Valuations
Now available across the Buy-to-Let range for single assets, portfolios and small HMOs.

The future of Buy-to-Let

MyShawbrook Buy-to-Let enabled us to provide mortgage offers to two customers within just 3 working hours of receiving the applications.

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MyShawbrook Portal

The digital platform that takes the pain out of the product switch process.

Our Broker Flow Process Guide walks through the steps of this new, simple product switch portal.

We’re in it for the long haul.

We believe in the value of long-term relationships. That’s why we offer existing customers a 0.25% discount on the arrangement fee for anyone with an existing Shawbrook product applying for a new loan.


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