Shawbrook issues offer on a second charge mortgage in just 24 hours


The Case


Fluent Money approached us with a client based in Scotland looking to consolidate existing debt to lower their monthly payments, and also raise funds for some much needed renovations on their home. We had only just lifted a temporary lending restriction in Scotland that was put in place following the closure of the application record by the Scottish Land Registry, but business resumed seamlessly in support of both broker and client.

Shawbrook’s Solution


The case qualified for AVM (Automatic Valuation Model) and was comprehensively packaged by the broker. This meant that despite the many hurdles currently faced by the lending environment, we could proceed quickly with this case and just 24 hours later, the case was offered. Any remaining needs were quickly dealt with by the underwriters and case managers here at Shawbrook, and the case completed shortly after.



The client was able to successfully consolidate their debt, reducing their monthly outgoings by £283 and can now begin work on their home improvements.

Claire Davies, Head of Secured Case Management at Fluent Money says

"I have found Shawbrook to be incredibly supportive and efficient, particularly during this turbulent time. The customer journey is fantastic, criteria clear and concise and nothing is ever too much trouble. Shawbrook are an absolute pleasure to deal with.”