We’ve enhanced our product switch platform to provide instant offers to customers


We’ve made some new developments to our online product switch platform, MyShawbrook Portal. The platform was launched last year to streamline the product switch process for our existing Buy-to Let customers, allowing them, and broker partners on behalf of their clients, to quickly and easily submit product switch applications when reaching the end of their mortgage term, which led to a reduction in processing times to 48 hours.

We’re delighted to announce that the digital solution is now also accessible to our Commercial Investment customers and that eligible customers will receive an instant formal mortgage offer at the end of the application journey. To further streamline the process, we have also implemented e-signature, allowing customers to immediately sign and return their offer, delivering an even more efficient product switch process.


What is My Shawbrook Portal?

  • Self-service online portal for existing, eligible BTL and Commercial Investment customers to easily switch products
  • Accessible to both customers and intermediaries, with the introducing broker partner receiving commission
  • Applications take around 10 minutes to complete
  • Provides customers with an offer instantly
  • e-signature available, allowing offers to be signed and returned immediately


Get in touch

If you have a potential eligible product switch customer, or have any questions regarding the process, you can contact our Sales Desk team on 0330 123 4521 or cm.broker@shawbrook.co.uk


Broker Process Flow Guide

Our guide walks through the steps of this new, simple product switch portal.

Download Process Flow Guide